Visible underwear trend – either love it or hate it

visible underwear trend

Many of the new designs of bodysuits and lace bras are being used as outer garments. They are so beautifully designed that every woman would want to show them off. But how did this trend begin?

Many celebrities such as the Kardashians and Bella Habid aren’t covering up their bras or bodices anymore but flaunting them for the world to see.

khloe kardashian bodysuit

Thanks to their entourage of paparazzi’s, social media has been flooded with pictures of them wearing their bodysuits and bras out in public. This phenomenon has caused quite a following.

Many of the fashion leaders such as Dior are designing see-through bras and bodysuits that are to be worn as actual clothes. How can you follow this new trend without looking slutty or undressed?

How can you follow this trend?

The Kardashians have mastered the style by wearing a lacey sheer bra and a bodysuit with a pair of athleisure pants. They have even been seen wearing a sheer mesh bodice with strategically placed nipple covers, without looking too sexy.

The key to toning the look down is by not over-accessorizing the look. Kim would have her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail and the only accessory being her sunglasses, a small handbag, a neutral athleisure cropped jacket and some rings on her fingers.

For a more casual look, Bella Habid wears a sheer bodice with a pair of skinny jeans that are slightly torn that sits low on her waist, showing off the body suit. She completes the look with a simple jean bra and a pair of sunglasses.

For a more formal look, Dior went over the top with the trendy nude look with Dior-branded bra and knickers topped with a pock-a-dotted sheer corset and shirt with a black collar necklace and a small handbag.

This new fashion trend has taken off in Australia and Europe.

So whether you like it or not, this new fashion trend is here to stay, so you better catch up to the times.

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