Look and feel better with pregnancy and post-pregnancy girdles

pregnancy cincher

Using a pregnancy and postpartum belly wrapping is common in many cultures especially in Latin America. This tradition has been around for thousands of years and for a good reason.

If you are pregnant, there are some very good reasons to consider trying this out and it has nothing to do with the fact that Jessica Alba used this method after giving birth. But it has to do with the benefits every mother would experience by using one.

What is a pregnancy and post-pregnancy girdle?

First off, before we begin, we need to clear up the fact that pregnancy girdles have nothing to do with waist training for an hourglass figure. They have nothing to do with losing weight.

They are specially designed girdles, each for different purposes. They are meant to be worn short-term and do not make any permanent changes to your body that would not naturally happen on its own.

Pregnancy Girdles

These are designed for use during pregnancy to provide comfort for mamas to support the extra weight on their bellies.

You might be asking -but does it hurt the baby? No. There is no compressing on the belly, as it is just a soft loosely stretchable fabric that expands over your belly. The support is provided on your back, pelvic area, legs and bum.

A word of caution: Only purchase pregnancy girdles that have specifically been designed for this purpose, as they won’t damage your baby.

Post-pregnancy girdles

These garments are designed to aid the new mother in becoming active and feeling comfortable again. It also aids in back pain and quickens recovery time from a C-section birth.

Benefits of using one

Pregnancy girdle

Comfort: This is one of the main reasons expecting mothers love this product. It does wonders to reduce the odd jiggling and lumpiness that most pregnant women have.

Improves posture and back pain: One of the biggest complaints with expecting mothers is the intense back pain, caused by their bad posture from holding the baby weight. This item improves their posture without hurting the baby and relieving lower back pain.

Even though we already mentioned it, it is extremely comfy and snug.

Post-pregnancy girdle

Helps with post-partum recovery time: By providing much-needed support and quickens recovery time. After birth, your midsection is slightly deflated. Your abdomen muscles need time in recuperating and returning to its normal size.

Improves posture and lower back pain: Having carrying an extra 30 pounds or more, back pain is expected and they add support to your lower back and pelvic muscles.

It is extremely comfortable: A good quality girdle prevents the feeling of your organs swishing around in all of that extra space and helps you work your abdomen muscles by sitting up without pain.

Helps self-esteem: It immediately gets your tummy feeling smaller and tighter, allowing you to start wearing normal clothes without walking around still feeling pregnant.

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How long should you wear it?

This is a common question asked by many moms.

For the pregnancy girdle, it is recommended to wear during 5 months to the end of the term. Depending on the brand you purchase, you might need to get different sizes throughout your pregnancy for maximum comfort. It isn’t recommended to sleep in during your pregnancy.

For the post-partum girdle, it is recommended to wear it as often as possible. Most moms only take it off when they need a shower, meaning that they even sleep in it. It is normally worn for 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth.

Many people believe that wearing a girdle will help you lose weight faster, but that is just a misconception. They are designed to make you feel more comfortable, reduce back pain and help keep you active without pain.

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