How to Find the Perfect Dress for your Body Type – YES, including BodyCon!

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Life is all about compromise and choosing the ideal dress for our body is no different. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but the truth to the matter is that dresses are girl’s best friends. Nothing is more feminine, versatile and comfortable than a dress. But sometimes fashionable dresses may not bring our best assets to light. Here we will go over how choosing a fashionable bodycon dress can be a cinch when using your body type and body shapers for dresses.

The key to choosing the ideal dress for you, is first determining what type of body shape you have. Then we know where and how the waist of your dress should hit, thus giving you the appearance of an hourglass figure.

But first we need to understand which are the different body types.

Find Your Body Type

There are 5 basic body types. These calculations are based on bust, waist and hip measurements.

Once you know your body type, it will be a breeze choosing and finding clothes that will fit your correctly, without the need of even trying them on.

Pear shaped: Hips are wider than the bust and there is no defined waistline.

Apple or oval shaped: The waistline is wider than the bust and hips. Hips are often more narrow than the bust.

Inverted triangle: Bust is wider than the hips and there is no defined waistline.

Hourglass: Bust and hips are the same width and while defined waistline.

Straight or box shaped: The bust, hips and waistline are all the same size, with no defined waist.

Ok, now that we have discovered what our body type is, we can move on to the more interesting part, finding out what dress style is for our body type.

Finding Your Waistline

First, let’s talk about waistlines and where they should hit for your body type. There are three basic waistlines in dresses and discovering the correct one for you, will make all the difference in appearing short and plump or tall and slender.

Empire waistline: These dresses are fitted through the bust and from the bust flow down in an angular shape. This waistline is suitable for apple, hourglass, inverted triangle and square shaped.

A-line waistline: These dresses are fitted at our natural waistline and gradually begin to flare out. This style of dress is suitable for all body types.

Drop waist: These dresses are very loosely fitted at the upper hips. This dress style looks best on boxy body shapes such as square or inverted triangle.

By using a waist cincher you should be able to use any of these different waistlines.

Finding Your Perfect Dress

There are many styles of dresses out there but we will discuss the 5 basic styles to match your body type. You will need to have at least two of these styles in your wardrobe.

bodycon dress
Fit & Flare: This style of dress has an A-line waistline and is fitted through the bodice and flares out under the hip. This classic style accentuates everything good and hides your flaws. It is best for apple, hourglass and square shaped body types.

Shift dress: This dress is often called a column dress as it quite straight and rectangular shaped. It is a very comfortable and forgiving dress. It is best suited for apple and square body shapes.

Sheath dress: This dress is form fitting through the waistline and bust by using a sewing method called darts that can add texture. This dress style is suitable for all body types.

Trapeze dress: This dress style is almost like an A-line waistline but it isn’t fitted anywhere. When laid flat it looks like a big triangle. This dress has lots of movement and hides every flaw. It is best for all body types.

Wrap dress: This dress can be long or short and it all comes together at the waist. This dress is suitable for all body types.

Bodycon Dress: This is a one-piece dress that clings tightly to the body from the bust to the hem. It typically comes in three lengths: upper thigh, mid thigh or right at the knee. They are usually made of a blend of lycra and polyester so that they are clingy. Believe it or not, bodycon dresses can look beautiful in every body type.

Body shapers for Dresses: What Type Should I Wear?

There are many types of body shapers for dresses on the market today. You may be thinking-but they are all created equal. But nothing could be further from the truth, as some are designed to perk up your bum, others to flatten your tummy or create a smoother silhouette and some are meant for all over your body. Here you can check some of the best body shapers.

Choosing the correct body shaper all depends on the type of clothes you decide to wear over it. We will discuss some of the main garments that will help you conceal your flaws.

Body control dresses

These are often called a shaping slip that hugs all of your curves, leaving them looking smooth and toned. This is best worn under a party dress that is fitted through the midriff and the hips.

Seamless body shapers

These ones are the best choice if you’re wearing a clingy dress. This type of body shapers provide great comfort due to its design, and can be found in many variations. You can get a wide variety of them in our shop’s category: Seamless Body Shapers.

Waist cinchers

If you are wearing a dress that has a nipped in waistline, then this type of body shaper is your best choice. A waist cincher is like a wide belt that helps to tighten the midriff, creating the desired hourglass shape.


This type of garment can be worn under any type of dress, excluding a strapless dress. They look very similar to a swimsuit, but are very different. Many bodysuits come with an integrated bra but there are some without. It helps all of your unwanted bulges disappear. Plus, some of them, like lace bodysuits, can be used not just under a dress, but with daily outfits too.


Every wardrobe needs a corset, since they create a smooth silhouette when worn under dresses. But, normally, it is worn with dresses that show off your cleavage and highlight your waistline.

Other types of body shapers

There are many other types of body shapers for concealing muffin tops, for post-partum, plus sizes and even for your arms. Arm shapers are very useful if you are wearing a tight top or a dress with long sleeves. Arm shapers that are designed to stretch along your back, helps to improve your posture.

The Body Con Dress is NOT your enemy, au contraire!

This is an example of a pear-shape body

Until today, I’m sure that you thought body con dresses were only for the hourglass body type. But, let me tell you a secret: they’re not. Maybe this tight dresses looks nicer in an hourglass figure but there’s not an impediment to use it for another body types. You only need to choose the right one.

Hourglass: Use the ones with a cut or a belt in your waistline to enhance your curves.

Triangle: Use dresses with sleeves or width stripes. You can use dresses with a darker color at the top and a brighter or stamped bottom.

Apple: Use dresses with a cut in your waistline to make the illusion of a smaller waist.

Pear: Use attractive necklines and solid colors at the top to balance your figure and deviate the attention from your hips.

Straight: Use colors and stamps to make an optical illusion.

Bodyshapers Only For Bodycon Dresses or Formal Wear?

No Way! They aren’t just for formal wear but can be worn under shorts, jeans, from tanks to dresses to skirts.

They will be your BFF for those days when you are feeling a little bloated. The body suit or a pair of control pants will leave you feeling beautiful and confident.

Overall, the type of bodyshaper for dresses you choose to wear will depend greatly upon the style of dress. For example, if you choose a dress with a low back, make sure the slimmer you wear under it, doesn’t show.

If you find the shape wear is difficult to put on, restricts your movements or feels extremely uncomfortable, it is probably too small, so don’t wear it. As it can cut off circulation and it can actually cause more bulges in places that you never imagined.

Take note of the waistline and dress style that will flatter your body type. Whether A-line, bodycon, or fit in flare, the choice depends on your style and body type. Once you have made your choice, pair it with body shapers for dresses and it twill help hide your flaws and we guarantee you will feel even better than you look.

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